Inktober 2019

I've watched this flurry of posts from hundreds of people (well, I guess thousands, even tens of thousands) every October for several years now, and this year I decided it was my turn to participate. Inktober was started by one guy who posted an ink drawing a day over the course of October 2009, and today there are tens of thousands of participants. People post their drawings on social media - primarily Instagram and Twitter but also Facebook, using the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2019 and variations thereon. I didn't get organized until day 3, but I've been doing it ever since. The Inktober site ( publishes a list of suggested themes (one per day), and I have been following that list, but linking the drawings to my books so they are, in effect, new illustrations. Not all of them are really successful, but they are interesting. Here are the first six drawings :


“The new arrival was able to stretch, hence becoming thinner, and then compress, bringing the rear of his body towards the front. It was Mr. Worm.” Excerpt from #WIP children’s story “Patou en formation”


“Tu vole?” dit Patou, reveur. Si seulement il pouvait se déplacer comme ce visiteur céleste. “You can fly?” said Patou, dreamily. If only he could move around like this visitor from the sky. Excerpt from children’s story, “Patou en formation”



« The trapped man spoke with a low, husky voice... » Excerpt from #WIP "Pinnacle : The First Book of Eng"


« Joh clambered through the access portal, holding hir slight body away from the soft walls, her frame still wrapped in the yellow splattered flag of DeoFax, now both dirty and rumpled. » Excerpt from "Plenum : The First Book of Deo"


“The machine crawling across the Machine Platform... was some kind of construction beamer. These behemoths were used to create massive beams and wall segments” - excerpt from “Plenum : The First Book of Eng”

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