Fashion Design

gzip dresses (2011)

Infinity corsets (2015)

2019-2020 : Exclusive - Three New Fashion Lines are under development:

A. Forma Plenum : This will be a fashion show event combined with the publication and launch of the first of book of The Ido Chronicles, which will be Plenum : The First Book of Deo in late 2020. The fashion show will feature both men's and women's garments which incorporate elements described in the science fiction series, with a particular focus on Plenum.

B. River of Sighs : This will a gender fluid fashion show event organised within an interactive installation which will also feature the photographs and poetry of Tasha Pietrzykowska. The clothes presented for both genders will feature variations that edge appearance towards otherness without becoming blatantly obvious. A more subtle form of gender fluidity than is often currently featured. Tentatively, the fashion show event will be held in August 2021 in Montreal. This fashion line is also loosely associated with a novel about gender fluidity, River of Sighs, authored by Geoffrey Edwards but whose publication date is yet to be determined.

C. The Seedlings : A third clothing concept is being developed around the idea of emulating quantum entanglement in paired garments widely separated in space e.g. in different cities. No date is yet fixed for these developments.

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